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  Note: We only sell the Approved Australian Version of the Hairmax Laser Comb

with fully Approved Australian power supply

and local service, support and warranty.

Your Set Includes:

Professional version Cordless Model
The Official Australian model of the  Lexington HairMax Laser Comb

Second Set of Comb Teeth 
Australian AC Power Adapter 
User Manual 
DVD instructions 
Carrying/Storage Case 
Australian Warranty Card 
Quick Start Guide

In addition, you will receive 
2 Year Warranty
Initial 20 Week Money Back Australian Guarantee!



1. Easy to use.
Only 10 to 15 minutes, three times a week for optimum results. 
2. Safety Standards.
Complies with USA laser product safety standards. 
(Warning Label) 
3. Convenient home treatment. 
No more traveling to hair care clinics.
4. Thicker, fuller, healthier looking hair.
5. Improve hair condition.
Increase hair shine, bounce and manageability. 
6. Use Worldwide.
Designed to be equipped with interchangeable power transformers. 
7. Attractive ergonomic design with high-tech feel.
Designed to fit the hand like a brush 
8. And no more high, ongoing costs


What is the HairMax LaserComb?

The HairMax Laser Comb is a breakthrough Low Level Laser Therapy device designed for the general public to use at home. Developed in Sydney, Australia and highlighted by TIME Magazine as one of their ‘Inventions of the Year’. The HairMax Laser Comb is a high quality ergonomically designed device made up of precision components. It is manufactured and patented in the USA with other patents pending in 104 countries.

 The HairMax Laser Comb offers the same Laser Hair Therapy used by hair salons worldwide. Many of these salons charge as much as $3500 for a 6-month course of Low Level Laser Therapy. The HairMax Laser Comb is a breakthrough because it is an affordable, one-time purchase that you can use at home, whenever and wherever you like!

The HairMax Laser Comb Works for Both Men and Women

With over 20 years of experience using lasers to address problem hair, the results have shown exciting and impressive results. Both men and women of all ages may respond with positive benefits to Low Level Laser Therapy. Satisfied customers ages raNge from 18 to their upper 80s.

How Does the HairMax LaserComb Work?

Living things "like" light. Hair follicles are no different. The HairMax Laser Comb extends the positive effects of a safe Low Level Laser to the follicle. The process, referred to as PhotoBioStimulation, and could result in thin problem hair looking thicker, fuller and healthier.

Results will vary from person to person, but you should begin to notice improvements to the appearance of your hair within the first 12 to 16 weeks.  These improvements may include thicker, fuller and healthier looking hair.


Over time, most users - men and women – will notice progressively increasing benefits as they continue to use their HairMax Laser Comb. Conversely, once the usage stops, the hair condition regresses back to its original state.


Like brushing your teeth to maintain healthy teeth & gums, regular usage of the HairMax LaserComb is recommended. Just pass the HairMax Laser Comb slowly over your scalp for ten to fifteen minutes, twice a week. The LaserComb may be used by itself or in conjunction with other treatments, such as Hair Regain for men and Hair Renew for women.

See Results or Your Money Back:


 5 Month Money back Australia Guarantee

We offer a 20-week money-back Australia guarantee. Use it regularly for 20 weeks. If you don’t notice any improvement, you may return it and your money will be refunded less a 10 percent  restocking fee*.

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